All About Thad


I was put into foster care at the age of either 4 or 5. I been in foster care for about a year and went to 9-10 diffrent houses and finally got adopted at the age 6. When I was adopted I was so happy. But as I got use to my adopted family I started to forget my birth family more and more. I finally got to meet them a year ago it was so much fun. I Love to hang out with them and talk to them and love getting to remember them. People in my family are Me, My Youngest Brother, My 2nd Youngest Brother, My 2nd Oldest Brother, My Oldest Brother, My Mom, and My Dad

My favorite hobby I love to do is watching anime. I love to watch Anime, I started Anime when I was watching a AMV of a music video I like and relized that it was very intresting. While wathing more and more anime I started loved the Japanese accents. I loved watching anime ever since I watched that AMV and I also want to try to go to Japan someday.