Minecraft is a very good game. First, the characters are really customizable. There are probably half a dozen skin editor apps to install. Secondly, there is an open plot where you make your own story, and choose how to play. Thirdly, There are many modes, which affect the intensity and determine if you struggle to survive, or freely build with infinite resources. Building is also one of the biggest parts of minecraft. When building the only limit to what you create is how much imagination you have. Servers are a huge part of minecraft as well. Maybe someone isn’t as good at building but loves pvp. There are more pvp games and other game modes than I can count on some of my favorite servers. Finally mods are a very interesting thing about minecraft. Hundreds of all mods are for minecraft. These modifications can be used to add new mobs, blocks, bosses, gear, and so much more. All in all, I would recommend this game to everyone because its sheer diversity has something for everyone.