Gabriel's Web Page

The reason why they are important to me

They are important to me because they helped me grow as a person. Mi familia was always there for me doesn't matter what happend they was there from thick to thin. Mi familia deserves more credit then needed we may made fun of each other but that is how it is. my tio daniel gonzalez saved me from being drowned in south padre island when I was 8 years old. my brother was always there when someone wanted to dis on me. my mom was always there as well so that is why they are important to me.

What Do I want To Do

The reason why I want them

I want to grow up and look at all the stuff I did as a kid and be proud that I did the stuff that I did. I would love to go and vist diffrent places and explore diffrent cultures. I would love to get a good paying job that I would enjoy insted of going to a job that pays good but I dislike. I would love to learn more spanish then I do so I can go see my cousins, tios, tias and talk spanish so I don't feel left out. I would love to make music because I listen to it so much that it would be great if I could make songs that would go viral.

People who are important

The reason why they are important

People that I can blindly trust is mostly all of my friends I have never ran into someone who would snitch because I do not like to group with people like that not trust worthy if you ask me. My mom, dad, bro they all have respect and my mom taught me alot of things to not say and such but there is times where the rules gotta be broken. My family taught me alot so I trust them with my life that is how I feel.

Games that I like

The games I like

The reason why I like these games is because spyro was my first game ever I played it on the ps2 I was a really great game. Skyrim is the best rpg I have ever heard of it tied it with my like for knights and dragons is the best game if you ask me. Call of duty is a classic just multiplayer is very toxic if you are little they like to talk mad smack. Red dead is a really fun cowboy game where they run because they are outlaws. Fallout is also a very fun rpg.

My favorite music artist

The Rappers I like

Juice wrld is a freestyle rap/ hip-hop type of music it is not ment for sensitive ears. xxxtentaction is a hype and sad type of music a vibe basiclly. Lil uzi spits bars really fast and does not play around when he raps. Ski mask the slump god is really fast rapper he means his words. Trippie Redd its a rockstar type of rap music he made good songs back then but not really now.

Social apps

The Apps I like

Discord is one of my main used social apps because I run a server and just chat with others. snapchat is a secondary type of socialmedia for me because I don't really talk that much on it. Facebook is what my family mostly use I only use it for events and advertising that kind of stuff. Instagram is the same thing as facebook it is not really what I use but if I need to.