Games From an Amatuer Programmer
All information seen may be subject to change.

The first game in this list and subsequently the first game I've made, is Pong. My game of Pong is not the best made but it is still completely playable, and does include ingame sounds but sadly not music. The point of the game is most guessably, to score eight points against the other player. Controls are the normal Up and Down arrow keys along with W and S, with each corresponding to the paddle on their respective side of the keyboard.

My second game that I have made is called Cookie Saga, where the aim of the game is to find and collect every piece of a broken cookie in each of the levels. There are only four levels with a basic tutorial incorporated and progressing difficulty. You will also need to avoid any danger in the process that comes from traps and monsters scattered in the levels. The style of the game is a platform jumper and with non-side scrolling elements. If you're unfamiliar with what that term, it means that the game sits on a single screen and does not move as you progress the map. The character controls will be set to the standard "WASD" keys on the left side of the keyboard, making the game playable with a single hand. These controls should be standard among many games, and well known and easy to use.