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Christian Richard was born in South Korea and grew up in northwest Ohio. He grew a strong attachment to technology and video games at a young age and continues to remain passonate about them. Christian enjoys listening to video game soundtracks, namely from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise and various indie musicians. He is a brown belt in the Shuri-ryu martial arts, yet he doesn't particularly enjoy or watch sports of any kind. Christian loves going to conventions and arcades during the summer and hanging out with his sister (at least before she left for college).

Christian is a dog person first and foremost when it comes to pets and will argue day and night why they're better than cats. His family has amassed a bit of a zoo's worth of animals including 3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 guinea pigs, and a turtle (he wishes they still had "bring your pet to school" days). When it comes to non-pets, Christian's favorite animal are penguins and he still wishes he could have one as a pet (despite how unethical it would be to take care of one). In his spare time, Christian plays ranked matches of Dragon Ball Fighterz and Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, but refuses to play Fortnite competitively out of personal preference. Even outside of more competitive games, Christian (for better or worse) has an encyolopedia's worth of knowledge on the Sonic the Hedgehog and Dragon Ball franchises. He has professionaly voiced on radio for Bryan Ford Lincoln Car Dealership and not-so professionaly voiced in YouTube collabs over the internet.

Christian has a mild case of autism which causes him to take scolding and harsh criticism extremely personally, even if they're not directed squarely at him. He also has trouble seperating sarcasm from a conversation and not taking it seriously which can cause occasional misunderstadings. Because of this, he can sometimes feel like he doesn't belong in places with others due to both his intrests and personality. Christian takes schoolwork very seriously and occasionly goes overboard trying to make projects the best he can, even if it means spending his time locked in his bedroom for the entirety of the afternoon. Christian is currently enrolled in Four County Career Center and dreams to become a video game programmer so he can work for an industry that continues to bring so much joy in his life.