Caiden's Life.

Caiden's picture Caiden is highschool student at Four County Career Center, and he grew up and is still growing up in Wauseon Ohio. He was born in december 12 of 2003 in the USA. He has two brothers and three sisters he dosen't have a job at the moment and mainly works around the house cleaning and doing chores.

More About Caiden

Caiden is seventeen years old and is learning how to become a game programmer, He also

has a girlfriend who also is going to Four County Career Center for welding. He is not very good at sports and dose not like most of them but is fine with baseball and swiming. Caiden is a very casual person and dosent like to get mad and likes to make a lot of people happy and he also always looks for the best in people even when its hard to do.

Also Caiden likes to listen to the singers on Youtube called JubyPhonic and Annapantsu

but he also likes to listen to rock and roll, Falling In Reverse being his favorite rock. Caidens favoirte game is Shadow of The Colossus but he also enjoys lots of mutiplayer and online fighting games. Caiden likes to go swiming and likes to play baseball but dosent play the sport or play it very often, he also likes to play with his dog Stella and the cat Heny. The reason that Caiden wants to become a game programmer or designer is so that he can make people happy with his games and the fact the it pays good money so he can support a future family.