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Rhees Andrews

Fortnite Gaming

I have been playing Fortnite since the original season 4. I started playing on my Xbox one and then later I moved to play the game on my pc. When I played on my Xbox I always used a controller to play the game and when I switched to play on the computer I learned how to play the game on keyboard and mouse.

The reason that I moved to keyboard and mouse is mostly because of the ease of access to change all of the keybinds. Also another really good part of being on keyboard and mosue is that you can enable a feature that the community calls "scroll wheel reset". This basically allows the player to use there scroll wheel to perform and action faster. Some people argued that it is just like a macro and should be banned but the game developers have not changed it for years.

I have become actually very good at the game and can beat any of the people that I know. The way that I gotten very good at this game is because of the amount of time and effort I have put in for the time that I have been playing. But it is not just the time that you need to get good at this game. You need good equipment and ironically it helps if you are somewhat athletic. But really the number one thing that you need is to be really smart.

The game has been very fun for me so far in my career. Sometimes you can get very upset and maybe sometimes you may quit for a period of time. But that really goes for all games to be honest. But in total this game is really fun to play and if you are really good at the game than you can win some money for placing and winning some events.