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My Dirtbike Hobby

I started this hobby when I got an atv for christmas one year. I loved to ride it all the time and I got very good at doing it. So then soon after I also got a dirtbike. When I got the bike it was more of a challenge to ride because I have never operated a clutch. Once I finally learned to use it then I was having alot of fun on the bike.

But the bike I had at that time was for a starter, so I then got a bigger one and had to learn how to ride that one. What you should know is that the bikes that I have so far had at that time are not full size. When I got my first full size bike I was scared. Honestly it was just because of the size of it. I wasnt really the tallest at that time and that is why I was afraid. But soon later I grew taller and became more confident. I can say that being confident is very important when riding.

It has been very fun in the past years riding with friends and family. To most peoples suprise, I gave not crashed that much. But if you are talking about my cousin than I would say that he has crashed more than I have. One positive that came from my desire to ride gave me more knowlege on how to change oil, air filters and more.

I highly recommend that you should ride off-road vehicles. It is not only fun but you can also learn alot about them. They do cost alot of money to buy and take care of but like I said you get alot out of it. Just always make sure that you wear a helmet when riding because you never know what can happen at any given time.