Hello my name is Kyle

I was born in Arizona and I ended up living out there for 3 too 4 years. I dont remember it much but I do remember the stories and when we have took vactions out that way. I do have family that lives down there so we go and visit sometimes. When we all went down and I saw the grand canyon we did some other things there to, I just dont remember it all because I was young. as I stared to get older I started geting into video games. I got into them because whe got an Xbox for Christmas and then i found out my mom had one too. I tricked my grandma to get the Grand Theft Auto 5 on the Xbox 360 so I could play it. My mom ended up figuring out the game and said I couldn't play it any more. So I would stay up till she went to bed to play it. when I was living with my dad we would all play BO2 zombies together. I also loved to swim so I would go swimming in our pond almost ever day. I have 1 dog and his name is max or maxis we named him that because of bo4 zombies and hes my best-friend we do almost everything together. I used to go to the ocean ever summer for like a week or 2 during the summer. We stopped doing that when my dad wanted to get stuff done and fixed around the house. I was fine with but I defiantly do miss the ocean and the stuff that we did there. I now that I am 17 I got into programming and I got into that and I have an amazing idea I have for a game I want to create.