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My Interest In Video Games

When I was younger the first game I had ever gotten was The Original 2008 Lego Batman for the Playstation 2. That game is what really sparked my love for video games. I like to think that everybody has their own wow moment when they pull off the fresh clear smooth plastic off the cover of their very first game, It's a feeling I feel you only get once in your life because you'll never feel it again solely because you've already begun your adventure into videogames so your expierenece is now set in stone and you'll never get it back. I remember back in 2011 when my cousin told me about a game that had come out called minecraft, he invited me over to play he had told me it was a blocky survival game where you could build anything you want and how he and his brother had made a giant roller coaster. That summer began my fascination with minecraft the game in itself was absolutley the most enjoyable and fun game I had played in years it was something new and unprecented it was the most interseting and weird game anybody had had ever made in my opinion. It continued on to became a worlwide phenomenom that would continue to be one of the most played games and thanks to the introduction of mods in 2011 it became the absolute most maliable game ever made because of its modding capablilties you could turn minecraft into any game ever. As fun as minecraft was it was missing alot of competitiveness for me to enjoy so I moved on to a newer game I had heard about called Black ops 2. The game had already had a sequel so I bought both of them I didn't buy them when they came out as I didn't know about them till around 2013 around a year after Black ops 2 came out. I didn't have any internet so I spent alot of time in local play and the campaign but whenever I would play wiht my friends since I would play alone so much against the bots I got really good since then I've continued my love of Black ops and I've even been playing the newest one out today. Even though so many older people and parents call it a waist of time what they don't understand is that video games give poeple and kids like me and my friends an outing from our daily boring lives. It gives us a sense of belonging as we can find people online with similiar interest and we can meet new friends as surprising as it is many people have actually gotten married from meeting online playing video games its an ilogical decision for someone to make is what most people think but its easy for someone who has nobody and found somoene who has the same interest and hobbies. The last game I truly got addicted to was a game called Borderlands 2 it was a mature game that I played on the ps3 with my brother he hd told me one day when I was visiting my dads about a new game he had started playing and I always loved playing games with him so obliged that day we didn't sleep we played borderlands 2 for almost24hours straight in my dads basement. After that time I spent at dads was over I got the game for christmas that year and spent months playing it. I still play it to this day and it is one of my absolute most favorite games and I cheerish all the memeories I've made playing it.