Gabriel's Web Page

The reason why they are important to me

When I first met my girl it changed me to try harder in life so I can succeed. My family is also very important because without them I would be lost but with them I learned many things. School has taught me many things and I am glad to have the privilege to be able to learn and be able to meet new people and friends Video games has made my life the best because without video games I honestly do not know what I would being doing They have make boring fun and took time away when I needed it to go fast.

I am glad to have these things in my life, If I didn't have these thing in my life I would be diffrent

What Do I want To Do

The reason why I want them

I want to travel because I am tired of just staying in the same place all the time and I rather go out and explore. I want to work so I can get a good paying job and not have to deal with financial problems later on. I want to get a good car so I don't have to worry about my car breaking down and having to deal with old models. I want to get good good grades because it will help me out later on and will also make my mom and dad proud of me.

There is always going to be times when somebody wants something but in reality we might get it.

People who are important

The reason why they are important

The reason why Denise is important is because she has helped me out with many thing for the past 9 months and she still stayed with me even if I did really dumb stuff. My mom is important to me because she has helped me out with a-lot of stuff and she cheered me on even if I fell but she helped me back up. My dad is important to me because he has always allow me to do stuff like play games and many things, also payed for many things and taught me many things. My bro is important to me because he taught me how life rolls and how to come back after punches, he taught me how to fight back and also taught me what not to do as well. My family has had my back for as long as I can remember they would never switch up on me and I know that as a fact.

I am thankful for my these people and I would never give them up for anything.

Games that I like

The games I like

The reason why I like all of these games is because they helped me grow and think about other things to doe insted of just one thing to do like in skyrim where you have side quests you don't need to just do the main story it's about what you want to do. Spyro around with the playstation 2 and playstation 1 so it semi bad graphics but I didn't care it was fun. Call of duty I was introducted by brother so we got closer becasue of call of duty even though I was bad at it but it was ok if you ask me. Fortnite was one of the games you lowkey liked but raged alot I played since season 1 and quit at season 6 trough 8 then joined back kinda sad I missed the seasons battle pass just didn't have money to buy it so that was that. Fallot is one of thoese old games that bring you back into old music but is a very fun roleplaying game without any questions.

I am thankful for all of these games that made me.

My favorite music artist

The Rappers I like

The reason why I like Juice WRLD is he has helped me trough heart break and his music is up rythm so the vibe never dies and he keeps true to his fans but sadly he passed away in chicago on december 8th 2019 he has made a lot of music to inspire people and help people trough issues. XXXTENTACTION has made hype and sad music but he also died at a dirtbike shop at flordia on 2018 they both died before 21. Lil Uzi Vert has made dance music and party music he is a small dude still popping off at the rap world. Tupac was story telling rapper he is a good pick to listen to for some oldies vibes. B.I.G Had upbeat music and it took rap high up in the music community he was a freestyler and did great. Trippie Redd is off soundcloud who rode off Juice WRLD XXXTENTACTION and Skimask the slump god's fame he raps about sad music but only cares for money. SkiMaskTheSlumpGod is a really fast rapper who spits fast and freestyles.

I am thankful that These Artist helped me out and grow as a person.