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I am Clark. I am 17 years old. I grew up in Ohio and have lived here all of my life. My home school is , but only has been for a year. I have been to many different schools, and that includes being homeschooled. I joined the IT lab in hope of learning how to design and code my own game. I was in FFA, and I participated in many different competitions.



Clark, My Dad

Amanda, My Mom

Emily, My Sister



Fishing picture

My dad and I go fishing alot during the summer. Whatever we catch we will eat unless it doesn't taste good or it is too difficult to clean. This year we did not catch anything we could eat, the only thing we did catch were a couple of sheephead.

Poultry Farm

I have a large varity of poultry, and a large number of them. I have 3 turkeys, 25 ducks, and more than 50 chickens. All of which will be slaughtered, sold, or will provide eggs to eat and hatch.



Everything that the poultry lives in was built by my dad and I. We did have a smaller coop but during the summer it was destroyed by a storm, but the new coop has been built using materials from the old coop.

Chicken coop
Chicken coop
Goat hutch
Goat Hutch


Last year was my first year in FFA, and it was alot of fun. I got experiance alot of things that interested me, and found some new things that I never thought would interest me. Alot of the AG class was hands on and that is why I liked it so much.

Availible CCP Classes
Course Name Course Number Credits
Database Management CIS109 4
C# Programming CIS161 4
Java Programming CIS165 4
Python Programming EET107 3
Internet Scripting CIS108 4
Computer Operations CIS191 3
Microsoft Apps CIS114 3
CCP Math Elective 3
Composition I ENG111 3