Airik Weaver's About Me

About My Life

I grew up in McClure Ohio I have lived there all of my life and I have been to four different schools. The schools being, St Paul Napoleon, Napoleon Area schools, Four County Career Center, and Patrick Henry High school. My favorite of them so far is probably Four County because I can learn stuff that actually interests me in life. I am 17 years old and I was born on 2003. I just recently celebrated my birthday on August 14th.

I would like to become a programmer because it interests me to be able to create things out of nothing I've always been pretty imaginative since I was little so being able to bring it to life would be awesome, even just doing stuff for a company or any kind of programming interests me because one you get really good money and two because I seriously think it would be fun to do that, creating this website was actually pretty interesting and I understood a lot of it after the video and I would enjoy doing more like this I feel like this class is perfect for me i'm a student of Mr. Geigers classroom. My family always was telling me that being a programmer would pass because every little kid wants to be a game programmer when they are young but I still feel like it would be awesome so thats the path im pursueing I am really good with computers and most technology and I try to learn as much as I can about technology I want to be able to eventually learn to build computers and know how ever piece works and understand technology.


I enjoy listening to music my favorite kind of music is pop, I absolutely hate rap because I honestly just don't think it sounds good, I also enjoy country I see nothing wrong with it. Heres a list of my top 5 favorite songs at the moment.

  1. Sinner - Andy Grammar
  2. Boy In The Bubble - Alec Benjamin
  3. Bleeding Out - Imagine Dragons
  4. Alone - Alan Walker
  5. Ghosts - Banners



My Hobbies include hanging out with friends on the weekends or whenever I have time. We usually have a huge nerf fight and use the entire house as a battle arena.


I enjoy watching movies, I enjoy the funny ones that have dumb humor like Airplane or Naked Gun. I like to watch dumb movies with my girlfriend so we can make fun of them when we watch them I absolutely love spongebob I think its the greatest show ever invented My favorite top 5 movies are as follows.

  1. Aladin - Robin Williams
  2. Uncle Buck
  3. Tommy Boy
  4. The Spongebob Squarepants Movie
  5. Airplane